Journey Till Now

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Journey Till Now

Internship Journey

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Hello Everyone, My name is Lovish Bains, I am currently in my third year of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science here at IIT Jammu. My coding or I should say developing journey has not been a long one, I started when I was in my 5th semester, very late if you personally ask me and was very confused at the time of starting. I have my experiences with coding earlier in my 2nd semester but that was not very good as I was not very efficient in writing and I was not in a mood to again become a scholar that study day-night just after my JEE Adv. was over so I took it very lightly but anyways. I started in my 5th semester and started learning more about Web development and side-by-side also studied about Blockchains, Ethereum and started attending some conferences happening around me. It was really difficult somedays to carry on but I still gave my 100% to keep doing it almost everyday. There were ups and downs as usual but I have promised myself I won't let me down this time and kept going. My goal was to get an internship because I wanted to get into some product-based companies and as anyone would tell you, summer internships are a must. I was not shortlisted for any interviews till January by any of the in-campus companies and that is what scared me the most. I learnt HTML, CSS and JS first then one of my friend needed a help on a project and I learnt android development to help him, I wanted to learn it anyways but I thought it would be a good opportunity so I took the time and learnt Flutter and Dart as well. The next thing was InterIIT Tech meet, fortunately enough we won the Bronze Medal too. For this project I learnt Solidity and wrote some smart contracts to get the thing working but this project has given me a very good opportunity to work with the peers for the first time and it was a very nice experience. Finally of all, I learnt React and I followed the build and learn approach this time rather than learning all about it first. All of this was the background grind and finally the opportunity striked.

A company(startup) named Dyeus came to campus for selecting for the roles of Web3 Developer intern. I knew this was the moment, I even called the Placement Coordinator to favour me, if needed ( although that was not needed). They gave an assignment and for me the most challenging task was to get the dependencies running on my machine I spent the whole night doing the task. Finally took someone's help and got it running and I was shortlisted. And then the whole selection procedure continued and I came on top of it. Finally I had my first internship that I was wishing for since 2nd year. That was me till now.

I had an instinct that I should start writing and here I am following my instinct. I hope that something good comes out of it and maybe start creating other types of content soon. I would be very happy to serve back to the community that is so eager to help you all the times, Its us developers that make the community so healthy and growth oriented.

Thanks for Reading!